Piano Tuning

How Often does the Piano Need to be Tuned?

All pianos will gradually drift out of tune, from being played and also from changes in the weather and humidity. How often a piano should be tuned depends on how often it is played, its condition, and the surrounding environment. If played regularly, it is recommended to get the piano tune twice a year. Pianos in music schools/institutions will require more frequent service. If played occasionally, it is best to get the piano tuned at least yearly so that its overall pitch remains stable. Discounts on the service fee are available for locations that have more than one piano. This tuning service is available in Adelaide metropolitan areas and also in regional areas of South Australia. Prices vary on time and distance travelled to the location. Please contact Charles for more information.

My Piano has not been tuned for many years; can it still be tuned?

Pianos left untuned for a long period of time can drop below concert pitch (A440), making them harder to tune and remain in tune. If this has happened, not only will the piano sound flat, but also it would have lost a considerable amount of volume and tone. To restore the instrument back up to concert pitch, it will require a ‘pitch raise’ before it can be finely tuned. If your piano requires a pitch raise, an additional cost will be incurred. If the pitch raise is large (a semitone or more), it will generally need a follow-up tuning within a few weeks before it stabilises at concert pitch. Pitch raises can be avoided by having your piano tuned regularly. Please contact Charles for more information and to book a tuning.

Are all pianos tuneable?

Unfortunately not all pianos can be tuned. This is especially for the older designs pre 1920, when the piano mechanism known as the “action” was still being developed. Some old designs do not have an iron frame, so the tuning will not hold for very long. If the piano has severe structural damage inside the instrument, it may not be able to be tuned. Please note that a service call out fee will be charged for any instrument that can not be tuned or repaired, or for any piano that is assessed as too old to ensure a good result.

How Long does a Piano Tuning Take?

A fine tuning usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. If the piano requires a pitch raise and/or minor repairs need to be carried out, the process may take longer than 2 hours. You will be advised if this is the case.